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未命名作品 11.jpg


      I am on the verge of graduating from the OCAD University, poised to become an illustrator. My focus lies predominantly in painting and digital art. Characterized by abstract realism, my works are marked by vibrant colors that infuse vitality and dynamism, creating an invitation for the audience to step into an emotionally vivid and boundlessly imaginative world.

      Drawing inspiration from both the natural world and the undulating emotions of personal experiences, my creations often serve as reflections of my life journey. They aim to resonate with those who share similar experiences, acting as visual narratives of my personal history. Through my art, I explore the intricacies of emotions and the profound meanings underlying our perceptions of the everyday. Each piece strives to convey positivity and joy through the language of art.

      I aspire for viewers to find resonance in the interplay of colors and the abstraction of forms within my works. Believing art to be a bridge of communication, I aim to evoke shared emotions and connections with the audience. In the future, I plan to expand my creative horizons by exploring new mediums and themes. I look forward to sharing more stories with the audience, using art as a means to connect through our shared human experiences.

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